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Published: 02nd December 2009
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Bat rolling had been a guessing problem for most people who bat roll; what pressure to use, how long to roll, what bats crack easily and so on. There are quite a few more issues with bat rolling than just applying pressure A and rolling through B amount of times. Players are purchasing bat rolling machines and checking out pressures on shoppers from EBay and Craig's List. I can tell this by a lot of the bad feedback that is left on EBay and forums. There are bits and pieces on forums, videos and websites on how to roll a bat but no magic guide for rolling. It is odd to say that bat rolling is an art, but it truly is a tricky procedure. I had a college teacher say to our class one time that reading a book, an 2 hours a day, on a certain subject matter will make you an expert on that topic. I will definitely say this is incorrect for bat rolling, although it is a good start. In my opinion, an hour or two a day of bat rolling will lead to becoming an expert. The old saying practice makes perfect does have some merit with rolling

Think of this, there are about 22 people marketing bat rolling services on EBay and from those only 5 have been bat rolling for more than a year (as far as their time on EBay or as Internet company). In addition, there is no method to tell how long someone has been rolling when purchasing from Craig's List. If a good ad on EBay or Craig's List can draw you in to give up your $400 bat then great, but my cash would be better left with the person who has good feedback and has put out the time and cash into running a website. Word of mouth is a great way to go, that is, if you know somebody. Please do this before you get your bat rolled... do some investigating on the person or company rolling your bat. Explore EBay feedback and look on the web, it does not take a lot of time. What is 20 minutes to make certain your $300-$500 bat won't get broke. Most legitimate bat rolling companies advertise a broken bat guarantee. Some of the common things you will read or see on EBay are: "don't let an amateur roll your bat", inflated distance results, like stating you will increase "20-60 feet of distance" (20-40 feet of distance has been proven, no more). People actually have pictures of bat rolling in their bathroom as an ad picture. I have seen one "proroller" blame the bat company for breaking a bat, are you kidding me? Same guy wrote that the bat will be pressured at .186 inches; this would snap any bat before you made it half way to .186 of an inch, ridonkulous. One guy offers "hot" and "super hot", Email him and see if there is a "super duper hot". Please do not take offense if you are a bat roller just tell the facts and run a bona fide business with no outlandish propaganda. Every bat rolling business will benefit in the reputation of quality bat rolling instead of a couple substandard rollers leaving a sour taste in customers and potential customers' mouths. In the Marines we used to call the bad seeds the 10% that recruiters shoved through. Unfortunately I see plenty more than 10% as I look on the Internet and on EBay. I am sure the principal bat rolling companies will read this article and understand exactly where I am coming from. Those few bat rollers who don't get it will be waiting to "go to work on" that brand new $300 bat of yours.

The 10% I talk of have been doing things to damage the industry and reputation of bat rolling, which has been aggravating me for awhile. Seeing the craziness around I thought to myself, what can I do? I did not want to mention anyone by name because that discredits me also. I needed to do something to improve the industry. Have you ever heard the saying, "Give a man a fish"? I am sure you have heard that. I figured I could create a base for bat rolling to lend a hand to those who want it. Spread the knowledge of 3 years of bat rolling, maybe this can make a difference.

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