Hottest Softball Bats after Rolling

Published: 17th September 2009
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I have been around the game of softball for over 20 years now and I have used every kind of bat; from a Carl Rose Powercell to a 2010 Worth Resmondo Titan and all kinds in between. I am going to go over some of the bats that are goods to go after they have been rolled. I have not hit every bat but I have used so many different ones it is hard to believe. I also have been rolling bats since 2006 and have used quite a few bats that were rolled and I have insight from customers who have used their bats.

The first company I will look at is Miken, the innovators that created the Velocit-e, Ultra, and Freak line of bats. The Ultras absolutely do not need to be rolled these bats are what most polls base a 10 off of. The Original Freak was an awesome bat that just kept getting hotter with use. I had a Freak that I rolled and I hit it so hard to and through the infield that I almost felt guilty. This was one of the best bats rolled I have ever swung. The Freak Plus was the same way it just had a bit more endload and the ball seemed to carry farther when hit. The Freak Limited edition was no different from the original as far as hitting lasers. I used quite a few Freak 98s and after they were rolled they jumped off the bat quite well (top 5 ASA bat still legal). I have also hit and rolled the Miken Recoil Maxload, this bat took awhile to open up even after being rolled with 30% more pressure than is predecessors. When the Recoil did open up it hit the ball like a rocket and the best thing was the sweet spot, it was huge. I will have to say that Miken dropped a complete bomb when they made the Turbo Freak. This was a complete let down as far as durability and distance. The bat hit OK and rolling did help but it did not live up to the Freak name.

Another favorite company of mine is Easton. I started using the Z-core back in 1999 and have swung many an Easton since. The synergy plus was a favorite bat of mine and had a chance to hit a teammates synergy after I rolled it and it brought back memories of my old bat that I sold back in the day. The bat is hot like fire when broken in or rolled. I also hit the Synergy 2 but wasn't impressed after rolling. I have hit the Original CNT Flex Synergy plus after it was rolled and this bat, in my opinion, is the hottest bat that is still legal in Utrip; bar none. The Original Synergy Extended Hit a little better after being rolled but nothing to get crazy over (it still is a great ASA bat). However the Original CNT Flex and the SCN8 Blue Flex are smoking after they are rolled. The Original Flex has more pop before being rolled that the SCN8 but once they are rolled they rival each other; with the Original Flex nudging out on pop. The White Stealth is another ASA bat that should be in the top ten after being rolled. This bat changed dramatically with a bat rolling. Most Easton bats do well with rolling, even the reveals hit well after rolling.

Worth has been around since I started playing Softball. My first bat was a Carl Rose signature series Powercell. I have hit all the 2006 Mayhems and all jump off the bat after being rolled. My favorite was the "Booger"; this bat was named because it hit the snot out of the ball not because it was green. I have hit the Original and reissue both could drop 400foot bombs when hit squarely. I have hit almost every Titan after they have been rolled and they absolutely crush the ball with more of a "pop" than the older Worths. I didn't seem to get the big distance as with the Mayhems but miss hits soared over the fence.

There are 2 Mizunos I will mention and that is the Orange Crush and the Frenzy line, they both smoke the ball. If I remember right the crush did not have as big of sweet spot as the Frenzys'. I was a little surprised with the Frenzys' distance, I just didn't think Mizuno could come out with a great bat again but I was wrong because the Frenzys have a lot of pop.

This next bat I will call the ASA sleeper, the TPS Voltage. I have hit both the 2007 and 2009 Sports Authority model after being rolled and they both hit frozen ropes. I could not believe it until I tried it. I had rolled quite a few before I hit it and after rolling the bat I could tell that the composite wasn't like the other brands. I assumed it was inferior like the rest of the TPS lines. The bats did not crackle much when rolled but when they hit it was like hitting with a bullwhip. The crack of the bat was immense and the ball flew. The great thing about this bat is that you can pick up the sports Authority one up for dirt cheap but for some reason the 2007 model sells as high as $500. They are the same bat trust me.

Lastly I would like to talk about the Worth Toxic. I hit this bat after being rolled and was completely shocked at the pop and distance. The bat is ASA and hits like a Utrip bat. This bat cannot be legal for long in ASA play. But for now it is hands down the hottest ASA bat after being rolled that is still legal.

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